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WRITE ALL THE VAMPIRE AU. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE (although don't abandon SoS&A. I need that too.)


Ty prowled closer to the man at the bar, eyes never leaving his long lines and dark clothing. Everything about the man was dark – his hair, his eyes, his mood, his clothing. He sucked all light into himself and replaced it with the black stench of frail, human emotion. But there was something under all the dark that pulled Ty closer. Something he could smell but not identify. Something that hooked around his ribs and wove across his lungs and tugged at him.

Ty slid into the seat next to the man, shooting glares at the lurking vampires sniffing the air. Ty wasn’t the only predator who found the stranger’s scent intriguing.

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NOTE:  Since Independently Yours is being stubborn, I wrote this little fic as an additional gift to make up for it.  I hope that’s ok, liebevita!  I know Nick & Deuce were further down on your list, but they were yelling the loudest, so…  I hope you enjoy!


"Glad you could make it, Snakebite.  Wasn’t sure you’d show." 

Deuce smiled with a confidence he didn’t feel as he opened the door to his apartment, stepping back to let in his guest.  Broad-shouldered and built, with red hair and freckles to match, Detective Nick O’Flaherty was an especially mouthwatering example of Boston’s finest, and it was all Deuce could do not to trip over his own feet as they walked toward his office.

"I’m never gonna live that down, am I?" Nick said with a shake of his head.


"Didn’t think so."

"Well, once a guy sucks poison from your thigh, it’s all downhill from there," Deuce replied blithely, gratified to catch Nick’s eyes traveling the length of his body with a speculative air.

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I have emailed them all. Those of you who said you’d be willing to pinch-hit, I may be contacting you before the end of the week :(

I’m so sorry to those of you still waiting for your gifts.

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For slashsailing

The club pulsed to a thorny beat, the crowd moving and undulating to its pounding rhythms, the energy spiking like a fire eating gasoline. Spears of colored light split the darkness, slicing over sweaty dancers and shadowy hormonal wanderings. The world smelled of sweat and sex and alcohol and pheromones.

Ty leaned back against the leather booth, a heady drunk feeling whispering through him from the tang of blood and sex in the air. His left hand held a beer for taste and pleasure and nothing more. His right hand tapped out a rhythm on the table, a melody from his days before the Change. Before the Cold. His head lolled a little to one side, watching his companions with subdued amusement.

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Aw, hells yeah!  MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!



i am totally convinced that part of why she wanted to go back with them was not just to watch tyzane but to also get her some of gorgeous ava. #BISEXUALBECKYGARRETT
leah pls
i need…

I’d also like to see a story where Zane, Becky, Ty and Ava all fall in love and have a polyamorous relationship.  No dying, no divorcing…  Just love all ‘round.  Ty and Zane squabbling while making breakfast in the morning in the kitchen, Ava and Becky sleeping in, wrapped around each other. 



there is not one search term here that isn’t magical

i know ive reblogged this before at least twice but i decided to read through the entire thing this time and im in pain from how hard i am laughing please forgive me


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